The Episcopal Wine Cellar in Styria

The Episcopal Wine Cellar at Schloss Seggau is one of the largest and most impressive buildings of its kind in all of Europe and is home to something very special: Wine from southern Styria.

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The enormous interior dimensions (75 m long, 8 m wide and 8.5 m high) are an impressive architectural reflection of the importance of viticulture for Schloss Seggau.


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In the over 300 year old Episcopal Wine Cellar, which is one of the oldest and largest in Europe, we regularly hold wonderful tastings of our South Styrian wines from our own vineyards. The wine cellar can also be booked for other events and celebrations, such as a cosy get-together in the evening including music and food.

In the adjacent shop, you can buy Seggau wines, award-winning brandies and very special South Styrian specialities, such as Styrian pumpkin seed oil, to take home or as a souvenir.


The history of the Episcopal Wine Cellar and Seggau wines


Schloss Seggau is not only a hotel with an international congress and seminar centre, but has also been closely associated with winegrowing in southern Styria for centuries. For over 1,000 years, vines have been cultivated in the Seggau vineyards in the Sausal wine-growing region, from which typical South Styrian wines have been pressed – fresh and fruity, with a fine bouquet.

Our wines grow on around 8 hectares of vineyards and are vinified by our neighbour, the Landesweinbauschule Silberberg (Silberberg Regional Wine School). The product range is very typical for Southern Styria and ranges from the classic Styrian Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc or the Muscatel to a true specialty: Seggauer Communiun Wine. You can of course taste all varieties in our wine cellar and take them home with you.


The Episcopal Wine Cellar at Schloss Seggau is more than 300 years old in its present form and was built between 1693 and 1697 under Prince-Bishop Rudolph Joseph Count of Thun. Unlike other wine cellars, it is not underground, but was built as a free-standing structure. It was only afterwards that the south side was backfilled with a 1.5-metre-thick gravel and clay layer, which served as insulation at the time.

Currently, there are 36 historic oak barrels in the wine cellar with a total capacity of about 150,000 litres. The largest barrel has a volume of 12,000 litres.

Aged wines dating back to 1929 are stored in our vinotheque. On request, the Seggau wine cellar also offers tastings of aged wines from the 1980 vintage onwards and an aged wine sale – also of individual bottles of older vintages.

The baroque vaulted cellar has not been used for wine production since 1992. Today it is a show cellar and is mainly used for wine tastings, parties and events.

An annex built in 1983 now houses the wine cellar and shop, where Seggau wines and other regional specialities are on sale.

Assortment and prices

White wines from the Sausal

Steirischer Mischsatz 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 8.90 / in a box of 6 € 8.50 each

Blend of 50% Welschriesling, 30% Gelber Muskateller &
20% Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc)

Attractive, enticing bouquet of elderflower blossom and herbs over gooseberries and apple characters; juicy, approachable, soft acidity, with an abundance of fruit over delicate spice and a rich body. The moderately low alcohol gives this refreshing mixed field blend great drinkability.

Alcohol 11 % vol.

Residual sugar 2.3 g/l

Acidity 5.5 g/l

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Seggauer Messwein 2020

1 bottle 0,75l €  / in a box of 6 €  each

Blend of 45% Traminer, 30% Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc), 20% Muskat Ottonel & 5% Riesling

Fragrant bouquet of lime blossoms and cloves, fresh and taut with a supple body and subtle sappy structure. Soft acidity and fine floral aroma linger on the palate. Superb value for money wine.

Alcohol 12 % Vol.

Residual sugar 7.8 g/l

Acidity 5.2 g/l

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Welschriesling Südsteiermark DAC 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 7.60 / in a box of 6 € 7.20 each

Crisp apple scent and subtle hints of Spring blossoms. Invigorating acidity with crisp apple fruit over an abundance of herbs throughout the palate. Medium length; a peerless Styrian Welschriesling!

Alcohol 11 % vol.

Residual sugar 1.5 g/l

Acidity 6.2 g/l


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Gelber Muskateller Südsteiermark DAC 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 11.40 / in a box of 6 € 11.00 each

Yellow muscat at its best with distinctive yellow citrus fruits, nutmeg notes, and a pinch of fresh herbs; juicy and sappy with supportive acidity; invigorating and enticing. Flashback fragrance bouquet on the palate with intense elderflower and grapefruit zest characters on the finish, with a lingering aftertaste.

Alcohol 11 % vol.

Residual sugar 2,9 g/l

Acidity 6.1 g/l

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Weißburgunder Südsteiermark DAC 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 10.60 / in a box of 6 € 10.20 each

Superb varietal character; fragrant fruit over hints of fresh hazelnuts, apples, and pears with nuances of pistachio. Pleasant nutty-fruity characters on the palate, with a surge of ripe pear, juicy fruit, and a lively finish. Easy drinking style.

Alcohol 12.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 3.8 g/l

Acidity 4.9 g/l

AWC –Vienna Silver-Award 2021 for Seggauer Weißburgunder 2020

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Sauvignon Blanc Südsteiermark DAC 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 12.60 / in a box of 6 € 12.20 each

Classic style of Styrian Sauvignon with subtle green spice characters with recognisable aromas of paprika, gooseberry and an array of intense array of aromatic flavours. Hints of citrus on the palate coupled with invigorating acidity and a medium body, with fruit zest and spice in its lingering finish.

Alcohol 12.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 1.4 g/l

Acidity 6.2 g/l

AWC –Vienna Silver-Award 2021 for Seggauer Sauvignon Blanc 2020

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Local wines

Riesling Kitzeck-Sausal Südsteiermark DAC 2020

1 bottle 0,75l € 13.90 / in a box of 6 € 13.50 each

Fine stone fruit aromas, smoky herbal spice, well structured, juicy, stimulating acid structure, pleasant mineral notes, typically Sausal.


Alcohol 12 % vol.

Residual sugar 4.1 g/l

Acidity 6.3 g/l

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Vineyard wines

Grauburgunder Einöd 2019

1 bottle 0,75l € 14.30  / in a box of 6 € 13.90 each

Light green yellow, ripe stone fruit on the nose, fruit immediately present with the first sip, some pear and a hint of orange zest, very juicy and good length, pleasant acidity, developed in the small used wood.

Alcohol 12 % vol.

Residual sugar 3.5 g/l

Acidity 6.3 g/l

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Traminer Kainberg 2015

1 bottle 0,75l € 14.90 / in a box of 6 € 14.50 each
1,5 l magnum € 32.90

Intense golden yellow hue. Majestic structure in the nose with true Traminer traits and fragrant spiciness. Nuances of rose petal and raisin leading to a sappy body. A sublime wine from a classic variety with good cellaring potential. Matured for 12 months in a large oak cask.


Alcohol 13.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 3 g/l

Acidity 4.1 g/l

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Sweet wines

Beerenauslese 2020

Welschriesling “Last Harvest”

1 bottle 0,375l € 19.00

From the last harvest of old and now selected Welschriesling vines.


Alcohol 10 % vol.

Residual sugar 119.3 g/l

Acidity 11.1 g/l

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Red wine

Zweigelt 2016

1 bottle 0,375l € 5.20

Strong ruby ​​red, fine scent of dark berries, complex body with lots of spice and good drinking, very well-ripened tannins bring great juiciness.


Alcohol 12.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 1.0 g/l

Acidity 5.7 g/l

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Zweigelt 2017

1 bottle 0,75l € 9.20 / in a box of 6 € 8.80 each

Strong ruby ​​red, fine scent of red berries, delicate hints of apple peel and cloves, well integrated acidity, great food companion.


Alcohol 12.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 1.5 g/l

Acidity 5.5 g/l

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Austrian sparkling wine

Seggau Brut Blanc

Austrian sparkling wine PDO – Styria Classic

1 bottle 0,75l € 17.90 / in a box of 6 € 17.50 each

Freshly cut apple with delicate brioche notes, fine mousseux, close to the palate, yet light-footed and refreshing.

A great companion for special moments!

Alcohol 12.5 % vol.

Residual sugar 6.2 g/l

Acidity 5.6 g/l

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Shipping Charges
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Charge for a case of 6/12/18 0.75l bottles (mixed cases possible) is € 1.50/bottle
Free shipping is available on orders exceeding 24 bottles to a single postal address in Austria.


Charge for a case of 6/12/18 0.75l bottles (mixed cases possible) is € 1.50/bottle
Free shipping is available orders exceeding 24 bottles to a single postal address in Germany.


Please contact us directly for delivery charges to other countries.
Orders only possible in units of six bottles.
Shipping for single bottles upon request.

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